Options of Child Support Payment if Unemployed in Florida

Have been laid off? The worst is you have children to support from your divorced partner. It can cause a problem because the states require you to support the children even if you are unemployed. You can read about child support at My Florida county website. If not, you may find yourself in the jail. To help you, here are some options you can do:image3

  • First, you must get in contact with the caseworker in Florida Department of Revenue to figure out your choices in the circumstance. You can find cases in which a jobless non-custodial parent without any source of income can be relieved temporarily from making payment on the child support. For only a while since he or she will still carry out the payments eventually. The exact amount to be paid will just be postponed on a future time. The payments can have an interest.
  • The following, you will need to talk with a legal representative if you are not triumphant in suspending the payment for a short time in Florida Department of Revenue. The legal representative will guide you on avoiding getting to the jail for the moment. He will create a legal contract within you and the custodial parent which you will assure to pay for the the child support on the date along with the interest caused by reason that you just aren’t yet have employment. You can actually speak to the court house to choose a lawyer that works with child support cases. The office will provide list of legal professionals that you can call to assist you.
  • Finally, you may lend a loan on the bank, family or friends to pay the settlements of sustaining your child. This will allow you to reduce for quite a while until you secure a job to compensate the cash that you owe.

You can sign up for Florida county login account at their website now.

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