How to Buy at Amazon with Vanilla Visa?

Vanilla Visa Gift Card is one of the easiest solution when you want to give someone a gift on their special day. When you receive this kind of gift, you can shop anything you want and use the card as a form of payment just like the cash. Read more info here at You can also use it to shop online such as Amazon. All you need is to register the card on the shopping site. How? You can read the simple steps here so you can use your Vanilla Visa card at Amazon.

1. Proceed to and login your account. If you forget to have one, you may create your own private portfolio to start with. Once your sign in, check the top part right-part on the web page. Look and then click with the “Your Account” website link.
2. Navigate your way at the bottom area of the web site of “Your Account”. At the other box, head to the “Payment” spot. You will observe there your entire settlement alternatives you will have on the account.
3. Just click the “Add a Credit Card” underneath the “Payment Options” you see on the menu.
4. In the drop-down menu, simply just choose “Visa” as the “Credit Card Type”. Input the number of the gift card which you’ll check out at the front, the cardholder and also the date it will expired.
5. You also need to pick the billing address of the information published below within your card. This can be implemented as being the shipping address to you.
6. Merely press the “Continue” button in the last part of the page to distribute your Vanilla Visa gift card details. Now you may start shopping on the web and pay using the card you may have registered.

Just follow the steps accordingly above and you can now start buying the things you want at Amazon. You have to go to register page and activate your account before shopping online.

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