Blog Commenting Marketing Strategy Tips

As an internet marketer, it is very essential for you to find a way in which to drive great traffics for your site in order for your product and services to be known. Having large traffic means greater revenue and income. But how can you do this? There are many strategies you can find to keep traffic come and go to your website. One of them is called blog commenting. Blog commenting is a way in which you post comments on bloggers on the same niching you are. In this way, people will know you and see you as an expert of the field. But of course it is important to leave a very good comment which will give an inspiration and will leave a mark on people.

How to successfully do blog commenting? There are many basic and simple things you can do in this task. Here are some of the samples:

  1. Assign the task to only one person. Two people is already a crowd and sometimes get messy especially when both end up commenting on the same blog post. This result having two links to your website.
  2. It is important to link your website not just to the homepages but as much as possible all the links you can find on that blog. Just pick those that are closely related to your topic.
  3. Use the real name of your company and your name. Make sure that the one you assigned in this task will put your real name and your company so that blog owners will not reject your post. Sometimes they tend to see it as spam.
  4. Do not get frustrated when your comment is not approved. As you know there are many people visiting blogs and websites and you cannot control what will be the owner’s decision. If your post was not approved, you can try on other links.

Now good luck with your blog commenting task.

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