Macy’s Insite for Employees Benefits

Macy’s Inc. is managing about 814 stores in United States with more than 167,000 employees. You can say that it would be very hard to handle these employees. For this reason, they have developed Macy’s Insite employee connection. In this way, employees can access their employment details online and do not need anymore the help of HR department. This site will tell you more about this service.

Register to Macy’s Insite Employee Connection
If you are new to this page, you’ll want to get an account to start with before you can be in charge of your benefits as well as other specifics.
a. You must go to the login site to select from the application selection.
b. Click on the first time user method and next enter in your SSS number, employee ID, birthday, zip code, mother’s first name after which you’ll send the form.
c. You may now login into the account.
Login into Macy’s Insite Employee Connection
For those who have already got a user profile and also you need to login and manage it, you ought to go initially at Seek and click on on the Insite option at the top of the website so that you can now be sent straight into the employee login web page. Just enter your 8 digits of staff ID and your password. Click “Sign in”.

The Online Bill Payment Feature

Aside from sharing interests and experiences from employees, the website offers online payment bill feature. The employees now can pay bills online. This is possible through their connection with CheckFree. Now you can pay bills with in just one click. You will no longer use psotage stamps to mail your bill. Lastly, your bills now will be sent through your email.  This blog post will help you to know more.